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Gazetteer of Coorg’s  natural feature! of the country and the local and political condition of its inhabitant compiled by G. Richter Snippets  Historical Facts  Nari Mangala Of the Carnivora there are many representatives foremost the… read more »

Subedar Ballachanda Chengappa Mudayya (Muthu) served the Indian Army from 1934 to 1949 (15years) in the Corps of Signal regiment and is a World War II veteran Author of the page Ballachanda Sohan Somanna  About… read more »

Subedar Mandira Uthaiah Author : Mookonda Nithin Kushalappa Abstract Subedar Mandira Uthaiah was a Kodava freedom fighter. He was the leader of Naalnaad (Padinalknad or Nalknad) taluk. It’s naad kacheri (office) was in Napoka (Napoklu)…. read more »

Author of the book Mookonda Nitin Kushalappa About the book This was the author’s first book, where he speaks of his reading and analysis of the origins of the Coorgs based on gene reports, racial… read more »

  Author of the book Iythichanda Ramesh Uthappa (Kannada original) Mookonda Nitin Kushalappa (English translation) About the Author Iythichanda Ramesh Uthappa, a journalist, is the original author of this book which was in Kannada. Mookonda Nitin… read more »

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