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Eminent People of Kodavas  have achieved laurels in all walk of life and prominent in every field and are listed for the future generations to know are documented in this category

Uluvangada Cauvery Udaya   Uluvangada Cauvery Udaya is a multilingual poet, chathurbasha literature and also an artist and housewife. She, a kodava author  writes under the name of Uluvangada Cauvery Udaya    Family  Father  Changulanda.C…. read more »

United Kodava Organisation (UKO), an organisation aimed at protecting the interests of the Kodava people and people of Kodagu in the social, political and cultural fields. The unique Kodava community which had carved out a… read more »

It is formed when the stream course is interrupted as when a stream passes over a layer of harder rock—often igneous—to an area of softer and therefore more easily eroded rock; the edge of a… read more »

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