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In the History of Kodava during British rule, Coorgs entered politics, government service, education, and law. Under British protection, Kodagu became a State with nominal independence. The British recognised the exceptional martial abilities of the Kodavas and used them in their army.

 In the History of Kodava, many Kodavas fought in the two World Wars. They earned a reputation as able commanders and brave fighters, both under the British rule as well as post-independent India in all wings of defence. Eventually, famous sons of Kodagu became prominent members of the armed forces of India. General K.S. Thimayya DSO and Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa OBE are among the notables along with many other top officers. Dewan Bahadur Ketolira Chengappa was the last Chief Commissioner of Coorg in 1947. In 1950 Coorg was recognised as one of 27 different states of the Indian Union but in 1956 the state of Coorg was merged into Mysore (now Karnataka).

Author of the page Major General Kodandera Arjun Muthanna (Retd) About The British had a system of awards for different ranks. There were awards and medals, for the military and for the civilians. The Victoria… read more »

Monnanda Ainmane Location Kukloor (2 -3 Kms from Virajpet) History In the past, the Monnanda okka lived in their first ainmane on the slopes of the Male thirike hill near Virajpet. The hill can be seen from the present ainmane and… read more »

Major Moodera Thimmiah Aiyappa was born in Coorg and served in the Royal Army Medical Corps on a deputation from the Coorg State Government. Family Father Moodera Thimmiah Mother Kambeyanda Chubamma Wife Kelapanda Ponnamma Children… read more »

Mookonda Poonacha Nitin Kushalappa is an engineer, author and amateur historian besides being a blogger as well (Eminent Kodava). He was born in Virajpet (Kodagu) and brought up in Bangalore. He works as a software engineer and… read more »

Author – Darshan Devaiah Kaiblira Mui Aal – Kood Aal : Kodavas followed the concept of working for eachother instead of employing labourers . This Mui Aall – Kood Aall concept is prevalent even today… read more »

MURUVANDA BOPAIAH SUBBIAH                One of the early an Eminent kodava  Range Forest officer  Author Muruvanda Girish Achaya, Grandson Sourced from family and children of M.B. Subbiah Life Born 9th November, 1899 Dead  15TH June,… read more »

Nari Mangala Paat  a type of baloo paat is sung on Narimangala day  Author of this article Kaibulira Devaiah Source Extracted from the folk  lore ballad About The songs starts by explaining how villagers met at… read more »

Way back, during the rule of Haleri kings, the king’s secret informers would search whole village for young men’s, so that they can be trained to be a soldier for the king’s army. In order… read more »

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