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Eminent People of Kodavas  have achieved laurels in all walk of life and prominent in every field and are listed for the future generations to know are documented in this category

Robin Uthappa Ranji & under 19 Archive  Archive Collector Col Konganda Machaiah Archive Subject Ayuda Robin Uthappa  Date of Publication   Publication Name  

Kodavas always lived in groups of families and were self-sustained and not controlled by any external rulers until the 16th century. priorly 1004-1175 period was under the ruling of Gangas, Cholas Changalvas & Hoysalas .The… read more »

About Seer is a unit of measure  to measure Grains, Milk and Oil.  Variants Eddi Seer ( Full Unit ) Are Seer ( Half the Unit ) Kaal Seer ( Quater of the seer Materials… read more »

Sets bar High, eyes top 30 in 2005 Archive      Archive Collector Col Konganda Machaiah Archive Subject Kuttanda Joshna Chinnappa Date of Publication   Publication Name  

Page written by:  Ullavangada Cauvery Uday Deity :  Shree Eshwara Ayyappa Temple : Vagare Shree Eshwara Ayyappa temple Village : T.Shettigeri Location : Vagare:  Thakka : Kattera.T. Achappa Okkas Linked to the temple : Kattera… read more »

Gazetteer of Coorg’s  natural feature! of the country and the local and political condition of its inhabitant compiled by G. Richter Snippets  Historical Facts  Nari Mangala Of the Carnivora there are many representatives foremost the… read more »

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