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Eminent People of Kodavas  have achieved laurels in all walk of life and prominent in every field and are listed for the future generations to know are documented in this category

  CONNECTING KODAVAS In an attempt to trace the deeprooted tradition,culture,rituals and customs of the exotic Kodavas, a few individuals teamed up as  “Connecting Kodavas®️” and ventured a comprehensive study about the Kodava land and it’s socio… read more »

Dalavayi Kannanda Doddayya Author Mookonda Nitin Kushalappa Abstract Dalavayi Kannanda Doddayya was a Kodava martyred war hero and general (dalavayi) of Kodagu. Many have heard of how Onake Obbavva and Madakari Nayaka fought Haider Ali… read more »

In Kodagu, Deva kaad (sacred groves) are scattered all over Kodagu, and do enjoy protection. Prior to 2002 these forest regions were not recognized under any of the existing laws. But in 2002 an amendment was… read more »

Devati Parambu Devati Parambu Memorial at Ayyangeri in Kodagu was built in memory of the martyrs who were allegedly massacred by Tipu Sultan. Devati Parambu is a site that witnessed the massacre of thousands of… read more »

Kodava wedding is one of the fun filled traditional ceremonies which are performed in the absence of Brahmin priests. There are various types of Mangala which were followed in the ancient times. Few among them… read more »

Diwan Mathanda Appachu Author Mookonda Nitin Kushalappa Abstract Diwan Subahdar Mukhya Sheristadar Thakka Mathanda Appachu was a Kodava freedom fighter and a local leader of Kodagu Early Life Before 1834, Kodagu was under the Rajas…. read more »

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