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Well known as ‘The Coffee County,’  Kodagu district boasts a unique and distinctive cuisine. The cuisine of the Kodavas emerged from the vast landscape of the region, defined by wild forests lush with  boars, fowl, bamboo and other flora. With eating habits solely dictated by seasons, Kodava cuisine celebrates fresh and local ingredients. Some recipes that you should try are mentioned here

About The beejo kall is a kitchen implement that was commonly found in the past in every Kodava household. It consists of two flat, circular stones placed in parallel. The lower one was immovable while… read more »

Many Kodava teachers are awarded with the best teacher awards at both State and National Level National 2003   2010 K A Mayamma, Assistant Teacher, Govt High Primary School, Virajpet taluk,   State 2018 Kelapanda… read more »

One of the Baloo paats sung during the Bisu Changrandhi celebrations Author  Kaibulira Devaiah Source Extracted from Uyya Paat and Puthari Paat ancient ballads. Baloo Paat Bisu Changrandhi (Admyar Ondh) Meenyar Poakl Admyar Edhpl Neththi… read more »

About Bolcha  is lamp  made of several sizes and shapes  Variants Mann Bolcha Lamp Made of Mud / Clay Kall Bolcha Lamp Made of  stone Kachi Bolcha Lamp  Made of Bronze or alloys Took Bolcha… read more »

About Bolcha Paarr is made of wood to house the lamp and usually fixed on to the wall Variants Small Medium corner  Uses It was used to place a lamp which is small in nature…. read more »

Stories of Bonira Muthanna one of the Padebeeras of kodagu Bonira Muthanna – Doddavirappa, the Raja of Coorg, had troubles from his neighbours, and especially Raja Viravarma of Cherakkal who did not fulfill his promise of… read more »

Boolokathra janma Author of the page Uluvangada Cauvery Udaya Author of the book Uluvangada Cauvery Udaya About the book This was the ninth book of the author in Kodava language. Essay about human life. Content… read more »

Author of the page Major General Kodandera Arjun Muthanna (Retd) About Brigadier Kitianda Ganapathy, MC, Indian Army Medical Corps, is the son of Calappa and Thangavva (Thamane Codanda,) sister of Dr Codanda Medappa) was born… read more »

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