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Kodava Thakk

About The term “Aal Potti” is referred to a Cupboard which is used to store prepared food and vessels. The Cupboard is kept against a wall in or near the kitchen. Uses The Cabinets are… read more »

Aare changole Aare changole is a chain like structure which is worn upon the Chele when men wear white Kupya. About It is usually worn by the groom and the main use of Aare Changole… read more »

About Agistike is referred to an earthen container used to hold burning embers. Uses An Agistike was used to keep rooms warm. It was also used to dry clothes during monsoon by keeping it beneath… read more »

About “Aipani” is referred to five types of work carried out in paddy fields during the rainy season. Paddy cultivation is generally carried out on a flooded land for about a month during rainy season… read more »

About A part of the “Aipani” the five types of work carried out in paddy fields during the rainy season. Ploughing is the process in farming, to loosen the soil. Sowing is the process of planting seeds. Bund trimming… read more »

Baake Mane is probably the biggest simultaneous theatrical release of Kodagu origin. This also happens to be the first mainstream theatrical release for Kodava movie in 7 years. Baake Manne Producer Yoshoda kariappa Executive producer… read more »

Baale meen one of the aquatic animal found throughout the tropical and subtropical regions, They are slender, silvery fish with large terminal mouth, eyes partially covered with adipose eyelids and deeply forked tail.  It grows to… read more »

One of the kodava album Bal Polandath was produced by S M Poovaiah  and the album was released during the early 90’s  having lots of songs written by Haradasa Appachakavi, few songs in this album… read more »

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