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Kodava Thakk

Page written by:  Ullavangada Cauvery Uday Deity :  Shree Eshwara Ayyappa Temple : Vagare Shree Eshwara Ayyappa temple Village : T.Shettigeri Location : Vagare:  Thakka : Kattera.T. Achappa Okkas Linked to the temple : Kattera… read more »

One of the Kodava album Swamy Aiyappa Kodava Devotional songs was released during the early 90’s  Swamy Aiyappa Kodava Devotional songs Recorded Thamoo Poovaiah Singers Jimmy Abraham Venu Suchitha Nachappa Songs Sharanam Sharanm Ennithu  Na Nida… read more »

Thaliya Thaliya is referred to plate in kodava thakk. About A Plate is a broad and round flat vessel, usually used for serving foodstuff and other products. Most of these plates are circular in shape,… read more »

Thaliyathakki bolcha A silver or bell metal plate with –  A layer of rice  A small mud or brass oil lamp lit with wicks  betel leaves – betel nut This entire thing in a plate… read more »

Theare “Theare” is an ancient ritual form of worship, performed by a person belonging to a particular caste. Ritual They dress up for the role and are possessed by a revered ancestor or deity and… read more »

Theeke Nippo Custom Strict death related pollution rites observed by a deceased person’s wife or husband and by one or two close relatives of the deceased person

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