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Kodava Thakk

In the History of Kodava during British rule, Coorgs entered politics, government service, education, and law. Under British protection, Kodagu became a State with nominal independence. The British recognised the exceptional martial abilities of the Kodavas and used them in their army.

 In the History of Kodava, many Kodavas fought in the two World Wars. They earned a reputation as able commanders and brave fighters, both under the British rule as well as post-independent India in all wings of defence. Eventually, famous sons of Kodagu became prominent members of the armed forces of India. General K.S. Thimayya DSO and Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa OBE are among the notables along with many other top officers. Dewan Bahadur Ketolira Chengappa was the last Chief Commissioner of Coorg in 1947. In 1950 Coorg was recognised as one of 27 different states of the Indian Union but in 1956 the state of Coorg was merged into Mysore (now Karnataka).

About Ambh Bill  is Bow and Arrow. Variants By Sizes Uses It was used to hunt Birds , animals and fishes. Materials It is made of Wood Bamboo Tentative period of usage Before and during the… read more »

About A part of the “Aipani” the five types of work carried out in paddy fields during the rainy season. Ploughing is the process in farming, to loosen the soil. Sowing is the process of planting seeds. Bund trimming… read more »

About Arpa kall  is grinding Stone used to grid spices and other masala in the kitchen . Variants By shapes By Sizes Uses It was used to grind any kind of paste for kitchen use… read more »

Baake Mane is probably the biggest simultaneous theatrical release of Kodagu origin. This also happens to be the first mainstream theatrical release for Kodava movie in 7 years. Baake Manne Producer Yoshoda kariappa Executive producer… read more »

Baale meen one of the aquatic animal found throughout the tropical and subtropical regions, They are slender, silvery fish with large terminal mouth, eyes partially covered with adipose eyelids and deeply forked tail.  It grows to… read more »

One of the kodava album Bal Polandath was produced by S M Poovaiah  and the album was released during the early 90’s. Movie was also released in the same year. having lots of songs written… read more »

Balnji Large semi – spherical basket like enclosure made from bamboo strips woven with open spaces. About They are used to cover and keep chicken under it and to spread clothes over it to dry… read more »

Baalo-paat The men sing folk-songs called baalo paat while beating dhudis (small drums), during occasions such as festivals, marriage and death ceremonies, and during temple festivals. Few songs are documented as Joova Paat  (Makkada Paat… read more »

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