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Kodava Thakk

Baake Mane is probably the biggest simultaneous theatrical release of Kodagu origin. This also happens to be the first mainstream theatrical release for Kodava movie in 7 years. Baake Manne Producer Yoshoda kariappa Executive producer… read more »

Baale meen one of the aquatic animal found throughout the tropical and subtropical regions, They are slender, silvery fish with large terminal mouth, eyes partially covered with adipose eyelids and deeply forked tail.  It grows to… read more »

One of the kodava album Bal Polandath was produced by S M Poovaiah  and the album was released during the early 90’s  having lots of songs written by Haradasa Appachakavi, few songs in this album… read more »

Balnji Large semi – spherical basket like enclosure made from bamboo strips woven with open spaces. About They are used to cover and keep chicken under it and to spread clothes over it to dry… read more »

Banda (Sambrani) Banda(Sambrani) is a thick, shapeless and lumpy rock-like material is a fragrant substance. It is a natural tree resin neither a hardened resin nor sap, an aromatic resins from the Copal tree. Uses… read more »

Barre Meen is an aquatic animal which grows up to a meter in length and is found in many parts of India, Nepal, china, Bangladesh and srilanka.  Adults are dark brown in colour with faint black… read more »

Watermelons are edible tropical plants which require a temperature more than 25 deg C to survive; they grow from 5-50 Pounds. The fruit contains Vitamins, Potassium and beta Carotene. This fruit is sweet and is… read more »

Biddanda Varun Devaiah hails from the shores of West Michigan and grew up speaking both Kodava-thakk and English at home. It was only during the final years of his high school career that he began… read more »

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