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Kodava Thakk

Balnji Large semi – spherical basket like enclosure made from bamboo strips woven with open spaces. About They are used to cover and keep chicken under it and to spread clothes over it to dry… read more »

Banda (Sambrani) Banda(Sambrani) is a thick, shapeless and lumpy rock-like material is a fragrant substance. It is a natural tree resin neither a hardened resin nor sap, an aromatic resins from the Copal tree. Uses… read more »

Barre Meen is an aquatic animal which grows up to a meter in length and is found in many parts of India, Nepal, china, Bangladesh and srilanka.  Adults are dark brown in colour with faint black… read more »

Watermelons are edible tropical plants which require a temperature more than 25 deg C to survive; they grow from 5-50 Pounds. The fruit contains Vitamins, Potassium and beta Carotene. This fruit is sweet and is… read more »

About A part of the “Aipani”  the  five types of work carried out in paddy fields during the rainy season,  Ploughing is the process in farming, to loosen the soil, Sowing is the process of planting seeds… read more »

The Kodava couple in their traditional attire makes a beautiful picture, and their clothes are as impressive as the land to which they belong. The Mangalakara and Mangalakarthi are dressed in their finest attire and… read more »

Chaache Chaache is referred to relationship in kodava thakk. About Relationship most often referred to interpersonal, Correlation and dependence, Semantic relationship and Romantic relationships. An interpersonal relationship is a strong association between two or more… read more »

One of the kodava album Chandooka was produced by Shakthi Melodies and the album was released during the early 80’s  Chandooka – Album  Producers Shakthi Melodies Singers Nanamanda Venu Mollera Jimmy Bhavani Bheemaiah Venu  Appadanda… read more »

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