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Kodava Thakk

Thelineer About A plate with water, charcoal and little cooked rice.

Thethi Thethi is the narrow walk- way and is about one and half feet width. About They are found all around the outside walls of a house on its raised foundation, usually in the ainmanes…. read more »

Thirolo Oork oru Maadeva, Kerik oru Aiyappa, vodek oru naatha, Vonik oru Poodha, Vokkak oru guru Karona pinja Kuliya  are the typical guardians of the kodava tribes. These Spirits entering the body of human beings… read more »

Thodang Thodang is worn by the bridegroom on his wedding which is made of silver. About Thodang is a Clasp to hold an OdiKathi at the back of a chain that is belted around the… read more »

Gloriosa superb also called as flame lily is a flowering perennial plant which grows in several habitats including jungles and is pollinated by butterflies and sun birds. This plant is a climbing herb and the… read more »

Thombda Thombda is a red donut like structure used in wedding ceremonies. About “Thombda” is referred to, a round pad made from soft material, placed on the head to cushion the load while carrying heavy… read more »

Thombe “Thombe” is referred to “heart” in Kodava word. About Heart is the pumping organ that pumps blood to our body to help it function. It is located under the rib cage to the left… read more »

Thombe Kann Small holes made in the walls of the house, aligned on facing walls in both east – west and north – south directions to allow free movement of air and allow cross ventilation…. read more »

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