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Kodava Thakk

The Kodava Thakk is an endangered language and the original Primitive  language of the Kodagu district in Southern Karnataka. considered as a parent language to many south indian languages, kodava thakk has its own history and charm without Scripts

About A part of the “Aipani”  the  five types of work carried out in paddy fields during the rainy season,  Ploughing is the process in farming, to loosen the soil for sowing seeds. Type of work This… read more »

One of the folk lore ballads called Uyya ppat is sung during few times of the Aaipani Author of this article Kaibulira Devaiah Source Extracted from the folklore ballads About Uyya Paat is sung in the… read more »

  Vanali is referred to Sieve made with Cane or bamboo strips. About Vanali is referred to Sieve made with Cane or bamboo strips. Uses This tool is used to separate unwanted particles like Stones,… read more »

Vastra or Mande thuni (Headdress) Mande-tuni is a gilted turban or a red and white checkered scarf worn by Kodava men on occassions. About Vastra is a red-checkered cloth which is hand tied around the… read more »

The “ Virtual Modha Goodē ”  is an attempt made to create a virtual museum and would like to accommodate lots of parameters that will facilitate visitors across the globe. Virtual Museum Visitors will now… read more »

Yede Small portion of the cooked food that is offered to a deity or departed soul before eating one’s meal. About Yede is kept on the day of ‘Maadha’ or on the day of ‘Meedhi… read more »

Many  Kodavas youngsters are now spreading the information on youtube, the list of such channels administrated by kodavas are as follows.  Bachamada Bheemaiah Bipin Bopanna Biddatanda Deepak Thimaya Battiyanda Liktha  Bottolanda Ashitha Bopanna CodavaNationalCouncil(CNC) Codava… read more »

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