Nari Mangala Paat

Nari Mangala Paat  a type of baloo paat is sung on Narimangala day  Author of this article Kaibulira Devaiah Source Extracted from the folk  lore ballad About The songs starts by explaining how villagers met at Boatékaara Aiyappa temple to seek his blessings before going ahead to hunt down the tiger which has entered the village […]

Bisu Changrandhi (Admyar Ondh) – Baloo Paat

One of the Baloo paats sung during the Bisu Changrandhi celebrations Author  Kaibulira Devaiah Source Extracted from Uyya Paat and Puthari Paat ancient ballads. Baloo Paat Bisu Changrandhi (Admyar Ondh) Meenyar Poakl Admyar Edhpl Neththi kanna Chooriya Kek-udhchi bappaka Ee manera ponndhevi Poo varak nettith Mai jalandhi edhdhith Kek kh mogawai Pombadi thorandhith Neththi kanna […]


Pondhi Shooting the fire ball or firing the gun : Author @ConnectingKodavas Purpose During the earlier days, when there was no means of communications, indigenously made fire balls were used to inform the neighbors about the death in the family. During olden days there was no supply of oil. So the people living in the […]

Kodava Thakk Off – 2021

Kodava Thakk Off 2021 Kodava Thakk Off 2021 is a competition between teams (by country) facing off to earn the title of KODAVA THAKK CHAMPION 2021. 3 events will be held in 2021. To keep Kodava Thakk from becoming extinct , an opportunity for young Kodavas & Kodavathis to learn, speak & identify with the […]