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About the Okka Ages ago, when two ancestors from Achappanda Okka left Peggala, one ajja settled in Podd and started the Achapanda Okka – 2. The other Ajja mannk Nindiye to a Brahmin family in… read more »

About the Okka Adengada okka goes back about 13 generations (about 400 years), but information in their Family tree goes back to only six generations, starting with karanava Nanjappa. Adengaḍa ancestors probably came from Kerala…. read more »

Becoming an effective advocate may require learning about good advocacy practices as well as having a lot of patience and perseverance. Advocates publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy. Kodagu has produced some… read more »

Ainmanes are the ancestral homes of the native communities in Kodagu. Each Ainmane belongs to a particular Okka that is identified. These traditional houses of Koḍagu have a unique architectural style. They date from about… read more »

Kodavas have historically been men of action. Acclaimed as ‘born warriors’, they have continued to serve in the defense forces of our country since generations. Be it the Army, Navy, Airforce or Border Security Force…. read more »

About the Okka When ancestors of this okka tried to escape Tipu’s solders, the eldest of them was quite old (an ajja). When he got married and raised a family, this okka was called ‘Ajjanḍa… read more »

About the Okka There are two bhagas in this okka. This bhaga, Ajjinikkanda-1, that stayed in the old ainmane (rebuilt) is kula # 1. They are descendants of a Kadekanda man who mannk nindiya for… read more »

Intermarriage It is believed that, ages ago when there were no male members in the Mapangada Okka, two men from Alamengada Okka stood for that Okka. Hence, there are no intermarriages between Alemengada and Mapangada Okka.

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