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About the Okka When ancestors of this okka tried to escape Tipu’s solders, the eldest of them was quite old (an ajja). When he got married and raised a family, this okka was called ‘Ajjanḍa… read more »

About the Okka There are two bhagas in this okka. This bhaga, Ajjinikkanda-1, that stayed in the old ainmane (rebuilt) is kula # 1. They are descendants of a Kadekanda man who mannk nindiya for… read more »

About Akki Batti Basket made of Bamboo or cane or Reed and usually its smeared with Cow dung for durability. Variants Small Medium Big Uses It was used to carry rice and paddy. it can… read more »

About Akki Komme is storage unit for rice and large basket like product made of Bamboo or cane or Reed. Variants Small Medium Big Uses It was used to store rice and paddy.  Materials It… read more »

Alamanda Yogesh Bheemaiah an eminent kodava actor  from Virajpet, Lives in Bangalore Working for an MNC has acted in several  kannada and kodava movies n serials: Family Father Alamanda Bheemaiah Mother Janaki Alamanda (Chendira ,B… read more »

Intermarriage It is believed that, ages ago when there were no male members in the Mapangada Okka, two men from Alamengada Okka stood for that Okka. Hence, there are no intermarriages between Alemengada and Mapangada Okka.

Cdr Alemengada Sudeep Chengappa an  eminent kodava   was  a Navy Officer  passing out from the NDA   1982- 1984  was amongst the top 5 Naval Cadets Started career as a Navy Submarine officer Defence staff College… read more »

About the Okka Bollyappajja, Karanava of Allapanda Okka settled in a land bought from a Brahmin Family in Kedamullur. The other villagers were troubling him so that he leaves the land. They even tried to… read more »

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