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About the Okka Armanamada okka’s ancestors served the Raja in his aramane so they were called Aramanemaḍa which became Aramaṇamaḍa over time.The Raja was pleased with the service rendered to him by their karanava who… read more »

Historically known as brave warriors, Kodavas have continued to live up to that allusion. Even before the British Army came into existence, our forefathers have served in different organisations like the Mysore State Force, who… read more »

Several noted kodava writers, scholars and journalists writing in English, Kannada and Kodava Thakk, covering religion, History , anthropology and philosophy. Listed below are the books written by Kodavas. Kodava Authors Appanervanda  Haradasa Appachcha Kavi … read more »

Baake Mane is probably the biggest simultaneous theatrical release of Kodagu origin. This also happens to be the first mainstream theatrical release for Kodava movie in 7 years. Baake Manne Producer Yoshoda kariappa Executive producer… read more »

About the Okka The Bachettira Okka was original from Begur. It is said that the King asked them to re locate in Kadanga Murur and Kuklur so that they can protect the border of his… read more »

About the Okka It is said that their ancestor was an Amma lady called Baḍuvamma, and that the okka might have been named after her It is believed that the land belonged to an Amma… read more »

One of the kodava album Bal Polandath was produced by S M Poovaiah  and the album was released during the early 90’s  having lots of songs written by Haradasa Appachakavi, few songs in this album… read more »

About the Okka When their ancestors were living in the ur guppe, Baithuracha came here looking for water. He struck his bal kathi in the ground and got water, and a tank was built at… read more »

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