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About the okka The Mookonda okka (joint family) is also called Mookanda or Mookovanda. Bavali Mookonda okka has three bhagas: Bavali Mookonda, Devanageri Mookonda, and Bilugunda Mookonda. This clan was originally from Bavali village. Later,… read more »

About the Okka Paradanda Ponnappa was the Karykara in the army of Dodda Veerappa. When few Nayaks from different Naad refused to pay taxes Raja wanted to capture them. Ponnappa agreed to this challenge and… read more »

Intermarriage Bollyappajja from Muckatira Okka is said to have bought the land which was called by the name Allappanda and his Okka took that name. Hence, there is no intermarriage between the Mukatira okka of  Kedamullur… read more »

Muckkatira ( Kunjeri )  M Anjan Cariappa  an Eminent kodava Artist. Cartoonist. Animator. Director. Inventor. Forward Thinker. Directed one of world’s earliest and India’s first 3D animated feature film “Alibaba” in the year 2000 with… read more »

Established in ………the Murgeshpalya Kodava Sangha is also called as BHAGAVATHI KODAVA SANGHA and is  one of the early Kodava Sanghas in Bangalore. Affiliated to the Kodava Samaja Bangalore this Sangha sends a representation to the Executive committee… read more »

MURUVANDA BOPAIAH SUBBIAH                One of the early an Eminent kodava  Range Forest officer  Author Muruvanda Girish Achaya, Grandson Sourced from family and children of M.B. Subbiah Life Born 9th November, 1899 Dead  15TH June,… read more »

About the okka All the men in the Okka were captured and killed by Tipu’s Sodiers. The only male left in the Okka died by a tiger attack when he had gone to cut bothh for… read more »

The  Kodava album Nabayanda Poo  was music release of the kodava  movie Naa Naykanda poo released during the early 90’s Nabayanda Poo Singers B J Ravi  Chaya Songs Kaverammana Kaithoth  Kaadela Chaand ra Chai Naada… read more »

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