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Eminent People of Kodavas  have achieved laurels in all walk of life and prominent in every field and are listed for the future generations to know are documented in this category

Paradanda.N.Kalappa ( Pradhan)  Second Generation RD cadet from paradanda familty. Family Father : Paradanda.K. Nanaiah Mother : Paradanda (Annadiyanda). N. Latha Spouse : Paradanda. ( Ponjanda ) K. Jinia Education Qualification: BA in Defence &… read more »

About the Okka The land belonged to a Brahmin family. Tippu’s soldiers destroyed the temple on the land and killed all the members of the brahmin’s family. Intermarriage Only one girl escaped the attack, and… read more »

Kodavas basically ancestor worshipers would consider the eldest male member of the okka as their pattedara. Pattedara being the oldest member of the okka all the property would be in his name. later as the… read more »

About the Okka It was said that during the Raja’s time, when the King’s horse fell and no one could lift it, one of their ancestors did so. Pleased with this, the king asked him… read more »

Madikeri Taluk Madikeri Hindustan Petroleum. Madikeri-Mangalore Road; Stuart Hill; Madikeri Phone: Detail Napokulu Hindustan Petroleum Chamundi Petroleum HPC Dealer; Survey No. 27/1; Bethu Village; Napoklu Detail Indian Oil Napoklu; Detail   Virajpet Taluk Virajpet Mohan… read more »

Polchi paat is the song,  sung  on the Maadha day and is unique type of kodava paats  Author of this article Kaibulira Devaiah Source Extracted from the folk  lore ballad Polchipaat Polchipaat is sung on… read more »

Police officers strive to protect citizens and their rights by ensuring legal and effective law enforcement conduct. Police officers are generally charged with the apprehension of criminals and the prevention and detection of crime, protection and assistance of… read more »

Kodavas have played important roles in politics post Independence. Even though being a very small community not good ebough to form any vote banks, kodavas have made their presence prominent in politics due to their… read more »

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