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The Kodava Thakk is an endangered language and the original Primitive  language of the Kodagu district in Southern Karnataka. considered as a parent language to many south indian languages, kodava thakk has its own history and charm without Scripts

One of the Kodava album Nelakki was released during the early 90’s Nelakki Singers Prabha Chengappa Jamsy Poonacha Manu Ravikumar Thonacham Songs Koliya Koondath  Maalmakandh  Kuthbolcha  Nambiya Naa Ninna  Kashinath Doorath Orrra  Baaripokana  Kaverina kandira  Parame shri… read more »

Nireekshe Kodava movie was released in the year 1994. Director D. Prasad Actors Madrira Sanju Mamatha Addanda C Cariappa Nanjudaiah Bharghavi Narayanan Achiyanda Aiyappamaiyya Chendanda Subbaiah Chekkera Sushila Thyagraj

Educated at St Joseph’s School Mercara, Dr. Sujatha Muthanna’s interest in the area of Psychology took her to Mangalore and then Madras for a Master’s program in Applied Psychology at the Women’s Christian College.  She… read more »

Kodava’s lived in joint families until late 18th century. Each large families lived in ainmane.  This grouping was termed as okka. There are records to justify that there were more than 2000 okkas across Kodagu… read more »

There are lots of Organisations aimed at protecting the interests of the Kodava people and people of Kodagu in the social, political and cultural fields. while a few of them are NGOs the other few… read more »

Othorme Author of the page Uluvangada Cauvery Udaya Author of the book Uluvangada Cauvery Udaya   About the book This was author’s fourth book in Kodava language. Leading life helping each other is a unity in… read more »

List of all Padabeeras who had sacrificed their lives to the Kodava land across all okkas.  Kodavas a warriors by birth, have always stood for the protection of the kodavaland and its rulers. Since the… read more »

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