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Kodavas being majorly ancestor worshipers also developed a custom of praying to  different deities as Aiyappa, bhagavathy , choundi etc etc. Many such temples are are listed . Unlike recent temples which attract many tourist, these… read more »

There are over 35 types of land tenures that were in existence in Kodagu which are listed below. Page author  Biddanda Pratham Karumbaiah Page author  Biddanda Pratham Karumbaiah  Tenures Of Kodagu Bane Forest Land Granted… read more »

About the Okka Thathanda Okka is based out of kukloor which is close to virajpet on chembebaloor road. The thatanda ainmane is located in the same village. Thathanda family hosted the 2014 hockey festival at… read more »

About the Okka It is said that when their ancestors were collecting dried leaves, an Upp theethi bird (Lapwing) came by, and when they tried to catch it, it turned into an image of God… read more »

About the Okka Theetramada Okka’s story says that when Lingaraja came by giving manepedas to the okkas, he called out to the people of this okka. A lady came out of the house and said… read more »

About The Okka Thelapanda Okka -When the Karanava’s son Subbayya killed a tiger king Veeraraja was pleased and gave him a barchi and a large, heavy odi kathi with a gold seal with ‘V’ in… read more »

Several types of wild mushrooms(Kumm) are relished in Kodagu which sprout in weird places during monsoon. Mushrooms usually sprout at the same spot every year, in wooded stretches, on barks of trees and sometimes on… read more »

Okka Parije If in a family there is only one unmarried girl and no heir, the girl is married according to „okka parije’ by which the children of the marriage become members of their mother‟s… read more »

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