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Akki thari is the Kodava term for rice rava. Rice is generally cleaned, washed and dried in open sunlight and later broken/ground to certain granular form to suit the preparation of several dishes in Kodagu. Different sized… read more »

About Chengappa Bridge The Chengappa Bridge is the biggest and longest bridge in the Andaman & nicobar island connecting middle and north Andaman Islands. It is named after BS Chengappa a renowned forest officer who… read more »

The effort that is seen on the portal now, is because of the people who have been a part of the team since 2014. The team is in no mood to give up and is… read more »

Kodavas were always bold in exploring Entrepreneurship and successful across last few decades . a list of such Entrepreneurs are made for the young kodavas to get inspiration By Okka Ajjinanda Thamoo Poovaia Ballachanda Kavya… read more »

list of Kodavas who served with Subhash Chandra Bose in the Indian National Army ( INA ) As we hardly find any records of these veterans, we had heard a few say that the Indian… read more »

Author of the page Ulvangada Cauvery Uday Author of the book Ulvangada Cauvery Uday About the book This was the author’s first book, where she speaks about the story of the retired army officer Content… read more »

Background: Kodava Koota is a non-profit kodava organization founded in 2017 by like-minded Kodavas living in North America under and leadership of Mrs. Gina Konganda, a passionate Kodavathi and entrepreneur based out of Dallas, Texas…. read more »

The beginning of the present kodava samaja  at bangalore is traced to the year 1911. It was in this year , that eight kodava families of Bangalore comprising of just about 30 people came together… read more »

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