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Chayi – The book

Chayi , a novel about the girl who struggle to obtain love of her family.

Author of the page 

Uluvangada Cauvery Udaya

Author of the book

Uluvangada Cauvery Udaya

About the book

This was the author’s second book
Its a novel about the girl who struggle to obtain love of her family.


Name Chayi means beauty. Story reveals the fact about one should see & give importance to the inner beauty rather than outlook.
Here in this story couple wanted a son. But they blessed with three daughters. Mother Poovi dint like her third daughter Rajani because she wanted a son at her place & also she was not beautiful. Poovi’s elder daughter Reeta was beautiful. Father Machaiya showed little bit affection towards Rajani. Rajani grow up in the lap of her maid Seethamma. Poovi liked & loved only her two daughters Reeta & Rohini.
Rajani expected her parents & sisters love very much. But she didn’t got it. She used to ask Seethamma what sin she did , is it her fault she born as girl. Seethamma used to solace her that once she will achieve all what she wants.
Rajani lost her Seethamma when she was in tenth standard. She became alone. She paid attention towards studies. She was very intelligent & used to score ranks.
Finally whether Rajani obtain her family’s love & affection ? How she becomes I.P.S officer ? What she do as a officer ?
To know about I.P.S officer Rajani & her beautiful sister Reeta’s life story read the novel Chayi

Publication history

Published by Codava makkada coota in the year 2017 February

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