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Chendanda Okka

About the okka

It is said that Chendanda comes from Chanḍalanḍa. This okka was so called because their ancestors used to kill buffaloes for the king.

In the 1700s, three bhagas came away from Chembebeḷiyur, where they had an ainmane (Chendanḍa-1), which is now the private house of a member who bought it from the okka. They have no contacts now with those who stayed back in Chembebeḷiyur, but they do not inter-marry.

The three bhagas came away and settled in koppa, where they have jamma land. They built a common ainmane for all the three bhagas. When that burnt down, they built an ainmane in Baḷgod, which is the only one now. The other two bhagas might have had their own ainmanes in the past, but they do not have them now. Although they join here for karanang kodpa since 1981, the other two bhagas have no rights in this ainmane. The three bhagas have different responsibilities, one is responsible for karanang kodpa, one for the Pashana murthi there, and the third has the thakkame for the Bhadrakali temple. All the three bhagas join in the celebration of these events. The three bhagas have the same pattedara, President, kaimada and thutengala

There is another Chendanḍa okka, Chendanḍa-3 in Hathur that is not related to this Chendanḍa-2– a girl from this okka was given in marriage there.

The Chendanda okka -3 came to hakathur from Chembebeḷiyur after a quarrel over land (aasthi). Chendanḍa-1 is now the private house of a member who bought it from the okka. They are not related to the Chendanḍa okka in Baḷugoḍ, and have inter-married with them. 

There was a quarrel between two of their ancestors, Poovayyajja (the elder brother) and Muthannajja (the younger brother) and they separated. Povayyajja kept 3/5th of the jamma land and Muthannajja got 2/5th. Muthannajja built the house that is right in front of this ainmane, about 60 years after this ainmane was built.



Eminent people



  • Chendanda Aiyappa
  • Chendanda Muthanna