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Chiklihole Dam


Chiklihole dam is a small reservoir built across the river Chiklihole near Nanjarayapattana of Somwarpet taluk at a distance of about 5 kms from Dubare Elephant Camp.

The construction of dam was completed in 1985 and it is operational since then. The reservoir was built with the purpose of irrigating the nearby villages, the reservoir now fulfills the water demand of about 865 hectares of agricultural land. This dam spans over a length of 464.8 meters and is 25.3 meters in height. The gross storage capacity is about 5 M cm.

The unique shape of dam in itself is a great sight of attraction for tourists. The dam is semi-circular without any crest gates. With the increase in inflow of water the excess overflows on the curved structure, which is a great sight to lookout for. The surroundings with a lush green forest and a green meadow is a sight to behold at the time of sunset.