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Coluvanda/Koluvanda Ainmane




A well maintained ainmane of Coluvanda Okka is more than 200 years old and is of type “Mund Mane” with stone paved yard in front. The ainmane is near a long cowshed where 150 cows were held in the past; also there is a tanga shed near this. A stone trough, Shed to pound paddy and a shed to prepare pulineer which were used in the past can be found near the ainmane. The Nellakki Nadubaade is spacious and has a hanging Lamp with a large bhasma Kutt; the ceiling has a nele where match lock guns, a bamboo bow, long spear, an old walking stick, a stick with Y shaped hook on the top, etc., are hung. There is a long aimara in the shed next to the ainmane which was used by villagers in the past to sit and have their meal after the field work.

Totally, there are 10 rooms in the ainmane, 9 in the downstairs and another one in the attic.

The veranda is large and has – many ancient portraits, wooden walls made of rosewood panels with simple carvings; large wooden benches to the west wall; door frame with simple carvings; window with carvings of bird with a thombe kann to the centre; three pillars with carvings on the capitols, etc.,

The old wooden aimaras in the mund (inner courtyard) are worn out and the pillars have beautiful carvings on it. There is a Kall boti in the centre of the yard with carvings of lotuses on all the four sides of the round pointed tip.


  • About 200 years old
  • The old ainmane was more than 450 years old (build around in mid 1300’s)
  • This is the second which is built on the same site of original one
  • Except veranda and Kanni Kombare all the other rooms have cow dung washed mud floors. They were cemented about 10 years ago
  • The roof was tiled when it was built