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Different types of Mangala

Kodava wedding is one of the fun filled traditional ceremonies which are performed in the absence of Brahmin priests.

There are various types of Mangala which were followed in the ancient times. Few among them are listed below –

Types of Mangala

Baalek Mangala

When a man loses one or two wives, a ritual of marriage ceremony to banana stump is performed. This is carried out to avoid the death of his new bride after marriage.

Kuthik Nippo

This was performed to prevent extinction of the bride’s Okka. When an unmarried girl or widow is left in the Okka then she gets married to a boy who agrees to take her clan name in order to continue the Okka.

Kemi Kuthi Mangala 

Ceremony held for piercing ear.

Nari Mangala

This ceremony is held to honour one who has killed a tiger.

Pachadakke Nadapa

This custom is followed to prevent extinction of the Okka. When an unmarried woman is left in the Okka with children, a Kodava man who accepts the children to carry the name of Woman’s Okka will have rights only to have food and clothes from that woman’s house. He can marry another girl to continue the name of his own Okka.

Kudavali Mangala

Marriage to a widow or divorcee

Kanni Mangala

Marriage to a maiden

Paitandek Alapad  

Kodhi Mangala 

This custom was followed in the earlier days to celebrate parents love for their child

Mane Mangala

Celebrated to honour the person who build house for their family

Pole Kanda Mangala

Celebrated when a girl attains puberty

Kuliyime Mangala

Ceremony held when a woman becomes pregnant for first time