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The effort that is seen on the portal now, is because of the people who have been a part of the team since 2014. The team is in no mood to give up and is continuously working towards bringing out all possible data. Be it our culture, heritage and people. The proud feeling we get, from being a KODAVA, needs to be carried forward by our future generations. We need to accept and teach them that what we are, is only because of what our ancestors did for us and our land.

To keep this portal active and going, we request our kodavas to contribute as much as you can and help the team compile more data for our future generations.


Contribution can be both in monetary and content form. Every Rupee collected will go back to the Kodava Community in the form of knowledge building and sharing.

Companies may please provide their GST numbers to get the respective credits.


Apart from  being donors many Kodavas have contributed towards the page sponsorship for the development of this portal.