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Dr. Boverianda Nanjamma Chinnappa

Boverianda Nanjamma and chinnappa are translators and scholars of Kodava studies. Pattole Palame was written using the Kannada script originally. It has been translated into English by Boverianda Nanjamma who is an Author



Nadikerianda Subbaiah Mittoo


Nadikerianda Ponnamma Neravanda


Boverianda Muthanna Chinnappa


Mechanda Kaveri

Gowri Vidas

Family Tree


  • Masters degree in Statistics from Madras University.
  • Post graduate studies in Advanced Statistics at the Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta.
  • Visiting Fellow at Cambridge University, UK.
  • Honorary Doctorate from Mangalore University.


  • Worked as a Statistician in various positions in Calcutta, Madras and Canada.
  • Taught Statistics in Institutions and Universities in Calcutta, Madras and Canada and at   International workshops and courses..
  • Statistical consultant for various national and international agencies.


  • Served as the President of the International Association of Survey Statisticians.
  • Career Excellence Award of the Canadian Federal Department of Statistics.
  • Won “Coorg Person of the year 2006
  • Played the role of Kaveri  in a short film called “The story of Kaveri” that won National and International awards

After retirement, she and her husband Chinnappa dedicated themselves to the documentation of Kodava culture. Their English translation of ‘Pattole Palame’ on Kodava Culture, Folksongs and Traditions by their grandfather Nadikerianda Chinnappa (1924) was published by Rupa & Co., in 2003. ‘Ainmanes of Kodagu’, their study of the ancestral homes in Kodagu, was published by Niyogi Books in 2014.

They are currently working on a website that contains information and photographs of the nearly 800 ainmanes covered in their field-work.