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Dr Mukkatira Amrith Nanaiah

Dr Mukkatira Amrith Nanaiah(MD (Med), Fdiab (CMC Vellore) from Kodagu was born on 25th December 1981.He is a welknown doctor at Lopamudra Medical Center, a hospital which was built to improve health care facilities in Kodagu by Lopamudra Health Foundation, a Trust founded by Capt. Mukkatira A. Madappa and Sujothi Madappa. Dr Amrith Nanaiah is one of the first Kodava to be certified as a palliative care Physician.                                



Mukkatira A Madappa


Mukkatira ( Buttiyanda ) Sujyothi Madappa


Dr Mukkatira ( Karthachira) Sowmya Nanaiah MS (Opth)


Aadya Nanaiah


 Dr. Mukkatira.M. Ponnappa MS (Opth)

Family Tree

Family tree


  • Post Doctoral Fellowship in Diabetes – Christian Medical College, Vellore, India-2011
  • M.D Medicine- JSS Medical College & Hospital, Mysore, India-2009
  • M.B.B.S- K.S Hegde Medical Academy,Mangalore, India-2005


  • Assistant Professor -Dept. of Medicine-Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences, Virajpet – 2018
  • Consultant Physician &Managing Director-Lopamudra Medical Centre, Kodagu -2014
  • Consultant Physician – PNM Hospital, Gonicoppa, Kodagu – 2013-14
  • Consultant Physician -Lifeline Hospital, Gonicoppa, Kodagu – 2011-13
  • Assistant Professor-Dept. of Medicine JSS Medical College & Hospital, Mysore -2009-10
  • Resident – Dept. of Medicine – JSS Medical College & Hospital, Mysore – 2006-09
  • Tutor – Dept. of Forensic Medicine – K.S Hegde Medical Academy, Mangalore-2005-06

Clinical Trials

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  3. Landmarc Clinical Trial (On Going)
  • Designation: Principal Investigator. – Site: Lopamudra Medical Centre Gonikoppa, Kodagu.
  • The prospective observational study of a Pan-India cohort of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus for macrovascular and microvascular complications, glycemic control, and time to treatment adaptation over 3 years.


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