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First Kodava

It is said that if someone has taken an office from the British and it is an Indian, It could be a Kodava. The list of Kodavas who were the first in Kodagu, Karnataka or even India


First in India

First Indian to be appointed as a District Magistrate by the British in 1921.

First & Only Indian  to be appointed as the “Chief Commissioner”

Comander in Chief of the armed forces

Comand a brigade in battle during World War II

Mayor of Harrow

Member of the United Nations Board of Audit -UN General Assembly

Non British to attend Staff College Quetta

Non British to Command a Battalion

First officer to join the 2nd Sikhs and later joined the 4/12 Frontier Force Regiment.

Non British to attend Imperial Defence College UK

Non British conservator of forest

Shell Centenary Scholarship-2002 to study LLM at University College

Unique Athelete-Record holder

Women Civil Service Officer

Women Ambasador

World University Games

Women Hockey Umpire

Women Roller Skater

Won the British Squash Championship

First Indian women to hold an international ski instructor certificate.

First & Only Indian to achieve the status of being the first guest of several Five star Hotels Globally

First in Karnataka

Non british District Surgeon

  • Kademada G. Karumbaih

Inspector General of Police and  State’s first IP (Imperial Police) Officer

Ph.D in Veterinary Sciences

  • Buttianda (Maneyapanda) Dr Kshama

Women Tennis player to play international

Women basketball player

Women Hockey player

Only NCC Cadet from South India -selected for the basic Mountaineering course

Women Roller Skater 


First from Kodagu

Best Teacher Award at National Level

Judge of the Supreme Court 

Chief Minister  of Kodagu

Chief Commissioner

Army Officer to command the President’s bodygaurd

  • Bommanda Dhiraj Chengappa

Hoist Indian Flag on Madikeri Fort

Chief Secretary of Kodagu

Lady Flying Officer(Pilot) of Indian Air force

Lady M.B.B.S Doctor

  • Konganda Accamma

Civil Surgeon


  • Nellamakkada Uthappa

Naval Officer

  • Lt Commander Mekerira Neema Uthappa



Rajyotsava Award

Certified Palliative care Physician

Teacher & District Education Officer

Lady Teacher & District Education Officer

  • Puliyanda Thangamma (Thaamanè Codanda)



Woman IPS Officer

National level Football Player

  • Palanganda Pragath Subbaiya

National level Badminton Player