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First Kodava

It is said that if someone has taken an office from the British and it is an Indian, It could be a Kodava. The list of Kodavas who were the first in Kodagu, Karnataka or even India


First in India

First Indian to be appointed as a District Magistrate by the British in 1921.

First & Only Indian  to be appointed as the “Chief Commissioner”

Comander in Chief of the armed forces

Comand a brigade in battle during World War II

Mayor of Harrow

Member of the United Nations Board of Audit -UN General Assembly

Non British to attend Staff College Quetta

Non British to Command a Battalion

First officer to join the 2nd Sikhs and later joined the 4/12 Frontier Force Regiment.

Non British to attend Imperial Defence College UK

Non British conservator of forest

Shell Centenary Scholarship-2002 to study LLM at University College

Unique Athelete-Record holder

Women Civil Service Officer

Women Ambasador

World University Games

Women Hockey Umpire

Women Roller Skater

Won the British Squash Championship

First & Only Indian to achieve the status of being the first guest of several Five star Hotels Globally

First in Karnataka

Non british District Surgeon

  • Kademada G. Karumbaih

Inspector General of Police and  State’s first IP (Imperial Police) Officer

Ph.D in Veterinary Sciences

  • Buttianda (Maneyapanda) Dr Kshama

Women Tennis player to play international

Women basketball player

Women Hockey player

Only NCC Cadet from South India -selected for the basic Mountaineering course

Women Roller Skater 


First from Kodagu

Judge of the Supreme Court 

Chief Minister  of Kodagu

Chief Commissioner

Army Officer to command the President’s bodygaurd

  • Bommanda Dhiraj Chengappa

Hoist Indian Flag on Madikeri Fort

Chief Secretary of Kodagu

Lady Flying Officer(Pilot) of Indian Air force

Lady M.B.B.S Doctor

  • Konganda Accamma


Guiness Book of Records-Model/actor-longest and highest number of Designers

  • Pandanda Vishwanath Uthappa

Civil Surgeon


  • Nellamakkada Uthappa

Naval Officer

  • Lt Commander Mekerira Neema Uthappa



Rajyotsava Award

Certified Palliative care Physician

Teacher & District Education Officer



Woman IPS Officer

National level Football Player

  • Palanganda Pragath Subbaiya

National level Badminton Player