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Gejje Thand

Gejje Thand

Gejje Thand is a sacred wand held by men folks during important events. it is usually a sacred ownership of every Okka.


Gejje Thand is a staff made Kari Mara ( ebony ),  with rounds of  Bolli murr (band of silver ) with bands rimmed with gejje  (silver bells.)  This is carried by male Kodava Member during important ceremonies.

Kari Choundi

When the spirit of  the Kari choundi  takes possession during the there the Male member holds the Gejje Thand

Karona Ajja 

When the spirit of  the  Karona Ajja takes possession during the there the Male member holds the Gejje Thand

Bride Groom

The Bride Groom Holds the Gejja thand on the day of his marriage and the sanctity is so high that there are instances when the Groom had to leave the wedding ceremony due to unavoidable circumstances, the Bride would get married to the Gejje Thand which is a ceremonial representation of the groom.


Gejje Thand is normally not kept in every house in open. It is placed in the kanni kombare of the ainmane as it is highly regarded. It is told that this was handed over by the lord maheshwara to the kodavas and the moolapurusha of the okka still controls it.

In case any Okka needs to have a Gejje thand, The belief is that the new one should be made with at most devotion and taken to Makki sasthav Temple and presented there for the blessings. ( its termed as Anuvada ).