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Guru Kaarana Kodpo Padathi


We worship our ancestors as our main deity. The place where we revere them is called as Kaimada. Once in a year, especially on festive occasions, kaarona is offered meedi or sacrifice by killing fowls or sometimes pigs.


Pattedara of the okka will give rice grains to each person’s hand and will speak few words – “Igguthappa, Kaveramme, Guru Kaarananuu thothovi nangada okkakuu, makkakku, yethu kadchiyaku, aala baalaku, nalladaade, ind maaduva kaarbarle thatt mutt injaka adna thidhi neekiyand nangada thappuna oppu maadiyondu……” saying this everyone will throw grains and pray.

Chickens bought by people are untied and the heads are chopped off. Blood of these chickens will be poured on broken coconuts. After this ritual the body of hen is thrown far apart. This procedure is followed on each chickens bought by people.

After finishing above ritual, another coconut is broken and the boars’ leg will be untied. Few hairs from the boars body is pulled and is burnt. Two people from each end will press and hold a stick on boar’s neck and pattanikara will cut and separate head and body. After this, people will turn back to other direction for few minutes; believing that kaarona will touch this yede.

Later on, people who are present there will clean the meat and handover them to pattanikara. From this meat Chicken curry and pork curry is prepared. The prepared food including rice is placed on 5 separate banyan leaf along with cholle, one with water and another with alcohol in front of guru. One yede is placed inside the gudi, another one at thatte thade and remaining 3 will be taken to thootengala by pattanikara along with 2 or 4 people carrying water, incense stick, banana, beetle leaf aracanut, etc.,

After reaching the spot, everyone will stand facing east; water is sprinkled on the spot and these 3 yedes are placed, wick is lighted and incense stick is fired. After sprinkling water around the yede clapping hands “Kaa…Ka….Kaa… is shouted 3 times. Completing this ritual, they return back to kaimada.

The alcohol which was kept for meedi will be drunk by Pattedara and then people will have their food.

Later, kaimada is cleaned and water is sprinkled all around.