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Igguthappa Temple

Igguthappa Temple is a traditional kodava temple. It is one of the Sacred temple in Coorg.The temple is dedicated to Lord Igguthappa which is another name for Lord Subramanya. Tulabara of rice is the highest offering & pooja one can do in this temple . Tulabara means  offerings are made in a way  where devotees weight themselves against rice,  fruits,  sugar,  coconuts, etc.

During the month of March there is an annual festival held at the temple . During this time, devotees fro everywhere come together to offer special prayers to the deity. Devotees take procession of the God to the top of Mallama Betta Hill and later reinstall the same in the temple.Padi Igguthappa Temple




It is a stone temple with a slating wooden.The roof on the side of the entrance is beautifully carved with metal adornments. There are elephant motifs on either side.

Outer walls of the temple are adorned with stone slabs telling the tales of Kodavas.


Tourists can visit the temple in morning between 5.30 am – 2 pm and then in evening between 6 pm – 7 pm.