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Kaakek Kool Beppo Padathi


This is one of the customs followed after the chaavu padathi. In this padathi, food cooked on that day is offered to crows by husband /wife of the deceased person.  This offering is made from the 7th day after death until the day of ‘Maadha’.


Food is offered to crows for minimum of 3 days including the day of Maadha. A pendal with 3 pillars is installed behind the house. Horizontally, 3 long and strong bamboos or wooden pole is place; on top of it an old Vanali is kept.

The person who has stood for Kulik nippo will take bath early in the morning; wear clean cloth and cook rice & sambar. When it is 11’O clock this food is served on banana leaf and kept on Vanali on top of the pendal. After keeping this food, a mug of water is sprinkled all around it; clapping hands “Kaaaa….. Kaaaaa….. Kaaaa….” is called for 3 times. After this, they will go and stand away.

After few minutes, they will check whether crows have eaten the food or not. If they have consumed the Yede, then it is assumed that the food cooked on the day is pure.