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Kachampuli is an ingredient which can be experienced in many Coorg dishes. It is a thick souring agent with very long mean life.Kachampuli is an extract of Garnicia Gummi Gutta, a tropical fruit.Kodavas decoct and then use it in cooking. In Kodava language the fruit is known as panapuli.

Gathering the fruit                                              Vintage kachampuli

Panapuli                                                                                      kachampuli

Procedure to prepare

The process begins with extracting the juice of the fruit and then making it go through a boiling process, the final result will be a dark and thick liquid and this liquid which is being extracted is known as kachampuli. The extract which is hot after boiling is made to cool and then is stored in glass or ceramic jars.In fact, the older brews are preferred over the newer ones for cooking.


Its being infered from the research papers that,

  • Hydroxy citric acid(HCA)is a main component of Garcinia  which helps in weight reduction.
  • HCA boosts metabolic rate, thereby burning visceral fats in the muscles and other body tissues. It is also known to save the liver from Lipid Peroxidation.
  • Its found that this fruit inhibit the new fat synthesis and lowered the cholesterol in obese individuals in some studies.

Other Uses

The Oil Extract from Seeds is also used and the pulp was used in pondhi  in ancient times