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Kademada Okka

About the Okka

There are about 70 families in this Okka. When the Okka was named, it was probably the last ainmane in the area, before one reached the Barapole River which forms the border with Kerala. So they were called the kade okka (the last okka) which became Kademada.

There were four ajjas in this okka, of whom three stayed in B.Shettigeri where the original arvad of the okka is. One Ajja, Kalayya, came to Kunda and built the ainmane. This bhaga does not go to B. Shettigēri except to visit the newly renovated kaimada there.

But they join in the Education Fund set up there, because this is a very small bhaga, compared to the numbers in B. Shettigeri.

Story of the original Kaḍemaḍa in B. Shettigeri: The Kaḍemaḍa arvad in B. Shettigeri was a munde mane. It burnt down about 200 years ago, and was rebuilt small about 40 years ago. The arvad, well and kall boti in B. Shettigeri were built by a Pandimaḍa thayi who was married into the okka. It is said that when she came to her marital home she came walking on a bronze plate (kachi thaliya), carrying two thuk bolchas on the horns of a buffalo.







Eminent People



Conservator of Forests


  • Kademada Kushalappa


  • Kademada Annaiah
  • Kademada (Chimanamada)Kaveramma
  • Kademada Kavya Annaiah