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Kaliyanḍa okka

About the Okka

There are four branches of the Kaliyanḍa okka .The original location of this okka was in Nalaḍi, where their first ainmane was built. About 200 years ago, four elders from the okka moved to Kunjila and settled here. Some years later, two elders from Kunjila settled in KoỊakeri and one settled in Kaikaḍ.

For many years, the Kunjila and KoỊakeri branches were friendly with each other and met during Puthari celebrations in each other’s ainmanes. But they did not have much contact with the Nalaḍi and Kaikaḍ branches. In 1931, Kaliyanḍa Somayya, who was working with the Co-operative Societies of Koḍagu decided to bring the four branches of the okka together by establishing a Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society (MPCS) for the Kaliyanḍa okka, there were only three or four such Societies for okkas in Koḍagu at that time. His far-sightedness brought about unity among the members of the okka. The office of the Society was in the Kolakeri ainmane, until it was merged with the Kakkabe Cooperative Society in 1958. The okka has a Mutual Benefit Fund since then, which is running very well.

The annual Kaliyanḍa Family General Body meeting and the Mutual Benefit Fund meetings are held in a member’s house in Nalaḍi, and in the ainmanes in Kunjila and in Kolakeri by turn.


  • Mandajiappa-1
  • Muthanna-2


There is no ainmane (aroḍa) in Nalaḍi now. They have built an RCC structure instead, where they offer kaliya to their karanava. The Kaliyanḍa okka now has ainmanes only in Kunjila and KoỊakeri and kaimadas in Nalaḍi and Kunjila.

Eminent people


  • Kaliyanda M Charmanna(Pavan)