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Kalyatanda Ainmane




The ainmane is  and is of type “Othe Pore” (without an inner open courtyard), with stone paved yard in front and a well near the entrance. The ainmane has 2 verandas, small one to the east in the front and large one to the South west of the house, where part of it is used as a kitchen. Odikathi, bow, thand and Shield of Kalyatanda Ponnappa are found in the hall.

The veranda has a nele with four hanging wooden rods, large aimara in front and small aimaras all around. Carvings of lotuses on the capitols of three wooden pillars in the inner veranda and on the capitals of the pillar in the attic can be seen. There are 21 rooms in the ainmane. The floors in the inner and outer veranda were cemented about 8 years ago and other rooms have cow dung washed mud floors. The roofs were tiled about 100 years ago.


  • The original ainmane was around 400 years old.
  • The second ainmane was built after the first one got burnt. It is above 150 years old now.