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Karineravanda Ainmane




The 4 roomed Karineravanda Ainmane is located in a village called Palangala. The Ainmane has othe Pore with 2 roofs, 2 solid Aimaras in the Veranda and 2 doors to the hall from the Veranda. The doors in the Veranda have carved panel with one depicting a chariot, a women feeding a baby etc., and rest of the door frame and window frame are carved with intricate scrolls. Beautiful carvings of Krishna and Gopis can be seen on the top of the window. The Capitols of the pillars have Carvings of deer, Udumb, elephant,etc., with one capitol having a rotating ring. A simple Thook Bolcha, a Bhasma Kutt, Wooden panel painted green with beautiful carvings can be seen in the hall. The Ainmane have cow dung washed mud floors and tiled roof.


  • 200 years old