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Karinervanda  okka

About the okka

It is said that Karinervanda okka may have been named after Karinguthi (Bhagavathi’s sister)

When Tipu destroyed the okka, one child escaped and hid in a cave in Thottigunḍ. He re-started the okka.

In the past, they had four old ainmanes for the four bhagas, all similarly built. Three of them that were thatched earlier were broken down years ago and rebuilt. The fourth is the only one that has been kept as is, in the traditional style. All four bhagas meet for Karanang kodpa only. They observe mutual thike.

Nayakanḍa Uthayya (Uthu Nayaka) of Arameri sought the help of king Vira Verma of Kotangaḍi in Kerala in his fight against the Kodagu Raja, Dodda Veerappa. Vira Verma came to Kodagu with a battalion of 5000 Nair soldiers and built a wooden fort in Thomara. When the Nair soldiers ran out of rice, Uthayya asked the people of Kedamullur and Palangala to give them paddy as tax to the Kerala king. When they refused, the Nair soldiers attacked their houses and looted them. At that time, the women of the Kedamullur MaỊetira and Palangala Karineravanḍa okkas waited till the soldiers were inside their houses, locked the doors from the outside and set the houses on fire. Anyone who managed to escape was beaten up and killed. When the Kodagu Raja came to KedamuỊỊur and surrounded the fort in Thomara, soldiers from the MaỊetira and Karineravanḍa okkas remembered the bravery of their women-folk, and fought fiercely against the Nair soldiers, along with the Kodagu Raja. When Vira Verma tried to escape, they killed him.


When Pattacheravanḍa BoỊukajja’s (Belliappajja, karanava of that okka) head was cut off by Kunta Basava (during Viraraja’s rule) his pregnant wife was at her Koḍira thamane. The king decreed that if she had a son, he too would be killed. She had a daughter and a Karineravanḍa boy married her (mannk nindath – makka parije). They had seven sons and five of them stayed back in Chelavara and continued the Pattacheravanḍa okka. This was a few  generations ago (around 1878). So the Karineravanḍas do not marry the Pattacheravanḍas.


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