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Kattera Okka

About the okka

Around 1831, Ayyappa ajja came away from the original Kattera in Arameri, after a fight regarding property, and built a house in T.Shettigēri – Vagare keri. Their adi kaimada is in Arameri. There were two ainmanes in Arameri which are no longer there. A room in one old ainmane and some fields were kept in Arameri for this bhaga that came away here, but they never went back. 

 UỊuvangaḍa okka who were in T.Shettigeri earlier were friends of Kattera Ayyappa ajja (who came away ). Since they had lots of land, the UỊuvangaḍa asked Ayyappa ajja to help them cultivate the land, and because he had more family members, they gave him the larger part of their land. But in the revenue records, the UỊuvangaḍa land (the lesser part) is under the Kattera name and the Kattera land (larger part) is in the name of UỊuvangaḍa. However there are no fights or disagreements between the two okkas because of this.




Eminent people



  • Kattera Amrit
  • Kattera Anuj
  • Kattera Dhyan
  • Kattera Driti
  • Kattera sanjana-Singapore


  1. Kattera Appanna Suresh
  2. Kattera Suresh