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Kavana kaveri – The book

Kavana kaveri

Author of the page

Uluvangada Cauvery Udaya

Author of the book

Uluvangada Cauvery Udaya  

About the book

This was author’s sixth book in Kodava language.
Different types of poems which illustrate the nature, life span of human & history of God. .


Poem starts with prayer of God Ganesha. Poems related kaveri Thayi, Igguthappa, Krishna, Rama&Seetha, Hanuman are written. Here history of God is written shortly in the form of poem.
About rain, sky, earth, sun, moon, stars, mist, river, trees, field are illustrated in the form of poetry.
Importance of eyes, life of soldiers, affection of mother & father, love of couples, have become poems. Habits of human like angry, cheating, peace etc are explained in the poem.
Real facts, imaginations filled in the poem by the poet. One of the poem says why Rama&Seetha went to vanavasa , what difficulties they face & their life after vanavasa. Another poem discribs the workings of Hanuman his service towards Rama&Seetha .
Here poems advice us to protect & save nature. Man should lead life with humanity & walk in the right path. Also should have a goal in life & should try to achieve the goal in the right way.

Publication history

Published in the year 2017 September
By Kodava thak elthkarada koota

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Kodava thak elthkarada koota
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