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Kelappanda Okka

About the Okka

When the Raja’s soldiers massacred the Somayanḍa okka they killed all the members of their neighbours including the Keḷappanḍa okka  because they too were under suspicion, being close to the Somayanḍa okka. At that time the Keḷappanḍa okka lived in their original ainmane.

One lady married to the Keḷappanḍa okka from the Kaḷḷichanḍa okka and her baby son escape the massacre, because she had gone to her thamane .Her son was brought up by the Kaḷḷichanḍa okka and when he grew up he came back to Koḷathoḍ, and revived the okka.

The okka split into two bhagas after two ajjas had a quarrel and one ajja walked away from the ainmane and built another house across the fields in Koḷathoḍ itself.This is the only ainmane for the Keḷappanḍa okka and the two bhagas get together for weddings and other functions.


Kelapanda Achaiah



Eminent People


Major general Kelapanda  B. Swaraj  – EME/DGQA


Kelapanda Ganapathy


Kelapanda N Manjunath (Kiran)