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Keletira okka

About the okka

Keletira is believed to have been the mane peda of their karanava who came from Keraḷa. Karanava Kuttaiah is the founder of the okka. His only son Muthanna, who participated in the Amara Sulya katakayi, was appointed by the Raja as the parpathygar of the Mahalingeshwara temple in Puthur. While serving the temple in that role, Muthanna became a learned intellectual. He renounced alcohol and became a vegetarian. He prohibited alcoholic drinks in the keletira ainmane. When the Raja relieved Muthanna of his duties at the temple, he gave him seven camels loaded with gold, which Muthanna brought back to Kodagu. He is considered as the mann mane thangna karaṇava of the Keletira okka.

Another story says that Karanav Muthanna was the parpathygar of the Mahalingeshwara temple in Puthur. A Koḍagu Raja who went to the temple was impressed with him and invited him to Koḍagu and gave him land to settle here. Their karanava came with seven horses loaded with gold. One horse drowned in the river near Suḷya when crossing it and that part is still called the Keleti kaḍu (ford). Karanava Muthanna came to Koḍagu with his brother and sister.


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