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Kodandera Okka

About the Okka

When all the members of the okka were slaughtered by the Siddhis in Napoklu, one Gummatira lady who was married to Koḍandera escaped death since she was in her thamane in Kunda for her delivery. She and the son born to her, Kariyanna, were the only survivors of the okkaIt is surmised that they requested the British for land close to the Gummatira ainmane, and the British gave them land in Kunda and established them here.





Eminent people

  1. Kodandera  M Cariappa  – Rajputs Field Marshal
  2. Kodandera Arjun Muthanna  – Garhwal Rifles Maj. General
  3. Kodandera S Thimmaiah  – Kumaon General
  4. Kodandera  Nanda Cariappa – Air Marshall
  5. Kodandera C Kuttaiah – Wing Commander
  6. Kodandera Chengappa Madappa (IAS)
  7. Kodandera Madappa Nanjappa