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. Kodava Cuisine

A cuisine of a particular place is largely influenced by the culture, customs and history of the place. Kodavas are generally non–vegetarian. Fish, meat and pork are therefore part of their daily diet. One aspect that stands out about Kodava cuisine is the heavy use of spices, coconut, cardamom, jack fruit  and other fruits. Kodava cuisine will not only satisfy your appetite, but also leave you craving for more. A few Kodava recipes are listed below..

Kodava Cuisine

    1. Akki otti
    2. Akki Thari
    1. Baduva kajjaaya
    2. Baimballe Curry
    1. Bale (ಬಾಳೆ) nuruku
    2. Bella thaleya puttu
    3. Berambutt
    4. Bolle kall-Toddy
    1. Booki kajjaaya
    2. Chappale puttu
    3. Chekke Nurk Putt
    4. Chemeen Curry
    1. Chhittani putt
    2. Ellu Pajji
    3. Kaad mange Curry
    1. Kaakè thopp
    2. Kadambutt
    3. Kaipuli Chutte Pajji
    4. Kande Curry
    1. Kari baalè palya
    2. Kartha Masala
    3. Kembu Curry
    1. Koilè meen curry
    2. Kumbala Curry
    3. Kummu Curry
    4. Kuvaleputt-Steamed Jackfruit
    5. Madd Payasa
    6. Madd Puttu
    7. Mange Pajji
    8. Mara Kembe pathrode
    9. Muddi Chekke Curry
    10. Noolputt
    1. Nyand (crab)
    2. Odeputt
    1. Otti kajjaaya
    2. Pandhi curry
    3. Paputtu
    1. Thaathè thoppu barthadh
    2. Thaliya Putt
    3. Thambutt
    4. Therme toppu
    1. Wanak yerchi