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Kodava Jewellery

The jewellery worn by the Coorgs are unique and are inspired by nature, in the form of flowers, fruits, serpents, the moon, sun, and stars.

Kodava Jewellery worn by Kodavathi


The ‘Pathak’ is usually a gold coin, engraved with framed by rubies, surmounted by a cobra, with hanging pearls, and a chain of gold and coral beads on a twisted strand of black beads.


The ‘Jomale’ which consists of gold and black moulded grooved beads strung on black cord, which is long and has two rows, is a necessary part of a Coorg bride’s wedding jewellery. The hollow beads are filled with lac.


The ‘Kokkethathi’, a crescent shaped pendant set with rubies, framed with pearls, filled with lac, and a chain of ‘ Gund ‘ or hollow gold beads, is mandatory for a Coorg bride. The pendant has the image of a seated Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth, flanked by two birds, by a cobra with a distended hood, which is a multiple symbol of wealth and fertility. The chain is long and has a single row.


The ‘Paunchi’, which has gold grains in two or three recurrent rows, is a work of art, as is the ‘Vajrachudi’, which is supposed to represent jackfruit. ‘Pimbale’, and ‘Piribale’ are simpler gold bangle

Kaal pilli

Kaal pilli is usually worn by the bride. The jewellery is worn on her feet, is silver.There are individual toe rings attached to chains, linked to the ankle chains all of which are finely crafted.

Kai Padacha

Jodi Kadaga & Onti Kadaga