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Kodava Koota


Kodava Koota is a non-profit kodava organization founded in 2017 by like-minded Kodavas living in North America under and leadership of Mrs. Gina Konganda, a passionate Kodavathi and entrepreneur based out of Dallas, Texas. She realized the need to have an organization to bring the Kodavas of North America together and collaborate to help promote social, economic, culture and traditions of Kodavas not just in North America but in our Motherland Kodagu which is so dear to all of us. She constituted a team who share similar interests and passion and has been managing the organization successfully taking up several initiatives to help and encourage Kodavas in Kodagu and North America. 


Kodava Koota’s mission is to unify, promote our Kodava culture & tradition and help with economic prosperity of Kodavas living in North America. As a Non-Profit organization, we have several initiatives for those who become members. Some of them are listed below:

Central Resource:

To serve as a central resource for all social, cultural, and humanitarian issues related to the Kodava community in North America.


To co-ordinate cultural, social, educational, sports, and such other activities involving Kodava Families living in North America.


To encourage, promote and develop better understanding, feeling of oneness and fellowship among all the Kodavas.


To establish such institutions, foundations or trusts as may be appropriate for the welfare and progress of the Kodava community.


To promote and help ensure the Kodava conventions are held each year in North America.


To promote good understanding of and religious harmony among all communities.


To promote the development of and support Kodava entrepreneurs a through mentorship and networking opportunities with other Kodavas.


To provide support for and assistance with addressing issues and challenges faced by women, youth and senior citizens, in the context of cultural, literary, educational, socio-economic, health and community affairs.

Kodava Thakk Padipo

Kodava Koota in partnership with Kodava Clan is happy to launch an online teaching program ‘Kodava Thakk Padipo‘.

The objective is to teach ‘spoken’ Kodava Thakk to our children living anywhere in the world. Besides having online classes, we will build reusable teaching modules that can be leveraged by our future generation.

Present Board Members:

Mrs. Gina Konganda, Founder and President (Dallas, TX)

Mr. AppachuBallachanda, Vice-President (Phoenix, AZ)

Mr. Appanna Chottera, Secretary (New Jersey)

Mr. AvinashChottangada, Treasurer (Atlanta, GA)

Mrs. Priya Pattada Membership Committee (San Francisco, CA)

Mr. Nithan Thimmaiah Monnanda Culture and Traditions (Philadelphia, PA)

Mrs. Nalini Kuliyakanda Culture and Traditions (Goldsboro, NC)

Mr. SubbaiahCherumandanda Career & Entrepreneurship (Los Angeles, CA)


For the initiatives undertaken by Kodava Koota in the last 2 years of its existence please visit

For more details about the organization or any questions, please reach out to