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Kodava martyrs

This list is incomplete. However an attempt is made to list out all the kodavas who have sacrificed their lives for the mother land.

Author of the article

Mookonda Nithin Kushalappa

Kodava Martyrs

Dalavayi Kannanda Doddayya

  • Dalavayi Kannanda Doddayya fought thrice against Nawab Bahadur Hyder Ali of Mysore and won, thus preventing the Mysore Sultan (or Nawab) from entering Kodagu. Doddayya was killed deceitfully by an enemy during his return after he successfully defeating Hyder Ali a last time.

Appachira Mandanna

  • He was a commander who fought alongside Kannanda Doddayya and defeated Hyder Ali many times. But during the last successful war, he was killed in action.

Achu Nayaka (Nayakanda Achaiah)

  • He was the King of Kiggatnad. Achu Nayaka was born into the Kattera family, as the son of Kattera Chittiappa Nayaka. Achu Nayaka was captured by secret orders from Dodda Virappa and later died in prison. Some years later, in around 1810, his family (Kattera of Chikkamandur village, descendants of Achu Nayaka’s son) was exterminated (Kuti Nasha) by the Kodagu King Linga Rajendra. His property passed on to the family of his uncle Ajjikuttira.

Kolla Kongi Nayaka (Nayakanda Kollakongi)

  • He was the independent Kodava Nayaka of Kadiyatnad (Karada, Arapattu, Kaikad and surrounding villages). He was killed by orders of Dodda Virappa. His descendants are the Nayakanda family of Kaikad.

Dalavayi Pardanda Ponnappa

  • He was a powerful warrior who also knew the magic arts who was sent by Dodda Virappa to defeat all the independent Kodava Nayakas. Later Ponnappa was himself killed by secret orders from Dodda Virappa in order to secure the king’s own power.

Utta Nayaka (Nayakanda Uthaiah)

  • He valiantly fought enemy leaders but had to flee from Kodagu. He succumbed to his injuries in Baithur (Vayathur). His descendants are among the Nayakanda family members of Armeri.

Diwan Chowrira Cariyappanna

  • He was a powerful and influential Diwan who became the kingmaker as well. Responsible for bringing Linga Rajendra to power, he was later put to death by the same king who was feeling insecure.

Diwan Pattamada Chetticha

  • He was the brother-in-law of the Chief Diwan Chowrira Cariyappanna. He earned the unjust cruelty of Linga Rajendra for supporting Cariyappanna. Chetticha was tortured in prison where he died.

Bonira Charmanna

  • Bonira Charmanna was held hostage (as surety on behalf of the Kodagu Raja) by Hyder Ali. Charmanna died of smallpox in the Srirangapatna prison.

Kolera Kaveri

  • A young freedom fighter, she later drowned herself when refused support to help the Indian Independence cause.

Kodandera Somaiah (Freddie)

  • A younger brother of General K S Thimmayya, he died in a minefield in Kashmir.

Squadron Leader Ajjamada Boppayya Devayya

  • Ajjamada Boppayya Devayya-Squadron Leader-Indian Air Force died in Pakistan after successfully fighting an air battle with enemy jets and crashed due to technical failures in his aircraft in 1965.

Naik Kookanda N Ponnappa

  • Naik Kookanda N Ponnappa (Mani) gallant Kodava Army soldier who made the supreme sacrifice serving our country. He fought during the Indo – Pak  war in 1965 when he was just 25yrs.

Major Mangerira Chinnappa Muthanna

  • Major Mangerira Chinnappa Muthanna- Army Service died in 2000 in Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir while successfully fighting and killing terrorists.

Havildar Bachura S Devaiah

  • Bachura S Devaiah of the Indian Army was killed by a terrorist bomb in 2002, in Kashmir.

Naik Thimmaiah Kannikanda Kariappa

  • Naik Thimmaiah K K of the Indian army was killed in 2007 by enemy gunshots.