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Kodava Movies

People in every part of the world watch movies as a type of entertainment, a way to have fun. As films have become available through more and more media this popular activity has come to play an increasingly influential role in everybody’s lives. Some of our talented Kodava actors have worked very hard to entertain our small community with some outstanding movies. 

Several attempts made in the film industry to produce Kodava movies since early 70’s are as follows:


  1. Baake Manne
  2. Baal Polandath
  3. Baava Battele
  4. Gejje thand
  5. Igguthappa Mahime
  6. Jadi Maale
  7. Jamma Nangada
  8. Kodagura Sipaayi
  9. Mahaveera Achunayaka
  10. Makkada manas
  11. Mandara poo
  12. Mooga
  13. Naa Baiyanda Poov
  14. Naa Puttana Mann
  15. Nada Mann Naada Kool
  16. Nirekshe
  17. Ponbolcha
  18. Ponnamma
  19. Ponnra manas
  20. Thamane – T V serial
  21. Telange Neer
  22. Ushar