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Kodava Music Albums

Although the birth and growth of the cassette began in the 1960s, its cultural moment took place during the 1970s and 1980s. The cassette’s popularity grew during these years as a result of being a more effective, convenient and portable way of listening to music.Cassettes were a boon to people wishing to record their Favourite songs. Those of us old enough to have grown up with cassette tapes have fond memories of recording bootleg albums, taping our favourite radio shows, or churning out mixtapes.

Here we have a few music enthusiasts who have compiled and recorded their favourite songs.

Most of  the songs in these albums were sung by our own kodava singers

Kodava Music Albums

  1. Bal Polandath 
  2. Chandooka
  3. Pudiyakki
  4. Pranaya  Sangama
  5. Ponne Kodava Dhwani
  6. Swamy Aiyappa Kodava Devotional songs
  7. Kaapik Rate ille Kargil Paat unde
  8. Ponn igguthappa 
  9. Sangeetha Sangama
  10. Changrandhi
  11. Nelakki
  12. Nabayanda Poo
  13. Prema Sangama
  14. Kodava Hits
  15. Janma Bhoomi
  16. Modern Kodava songs
  17. Kodagu Naad
  18. Kundul Kyamo