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Kodava Thakk Padipo – Session 2

The Second session of the online teaching program ‘Kodava Thakk Padipo‘.

Learning Notes for Session-2



How are you? We are fine: ninga ennane uLLiira? nanga chaayi’l (chaayith???) uNd

         We can start this lesson off by asking the students off how they are, by using ninga ennane uLLiira

                  Breaking it down: 

ninga = you (pl.) 

ennane = how 

uLLiira = [you] are. 

Response: nanga chaayi’l uNd

         Breaking it down: 

nanga = we 

chaayi’l = well 

uNd = [we] are  


         naan chaayi’l uLL.

         Breaking it down: 

naan = I 

chaayi’l = well, 

uLL = I am

enn visheasha?: what news?

niida pedha entha?

         niida = your, pedha = name, entha = what

naada pedha ____.

         naada = my

This and that:


adh = that (over there, the object farther away)

idh = this (over here, the closer object)

entha? = what?

eadh? = which?

eadh questions: 

  • idh/adh eadh? -> what is this/that?
  • idh/adh oar _____. -> This is a _____.

adh/idh question: 

example: (showing a banana that is closer (idh) and a jackfruit that is farther away (adh)) eadh chekke? 

                  — answer: adh

Household objects:


mane house
kuppi jar
spice containers masaale dabbi
muLL chamcha fork
chamcha spoon
kurchi chair
chatti pot(s) and/or pan(s)
thatte plate
kaikaNe ladles, serving spoons
boLcha lamp





paNN fruit
baaLe paNN banana
baaLe koad single banana
baaLe chipp banana hand
baaLe kole banana bunch
baaLe mara banana tree
baaLe kaamb banana stem
baaLe puu banana flower
puLi orange
puLi choLe orange segment
puLi mara orange tree
chekke jackfruit
chekke choLe jackfruit pod
chekke kuru jackfruit seed
chekke mara jackfruit tree
maange mango
paNN maange ripe mango
piiche maange raw/unripe mango
aaNdi mango stone/pit
maange mara mango tree
chorange lime
chorange mara lime tree



Numbers 11-20


pannandh 11
panneraNd 12
padhimuundh 13
padhnaal 14
padhnanji 15
padhnaar 16
padhnêêL 17
padhnêtt? 18
pathoyimbadh 19
iruwadh 20


Homework: Find a household object, or fruit and be prepared to share what it is (just a simple sentence!). For example: 

         idh oar baaLe, idh oar paathre, idh oar kurchi, etc.